Varnish extensions for SSO support

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Wed Jan 27 08:54:00 CET 2010

]] Sam Crawford 

| Whilst I know it's technically feasible for us to do this, I was
| wondering (a) if anyone is already doing something similar and (b) if
| the community thinks I'm completely mad for evening thinking about
| doing it :-)

a) Not to my knowledge, but I've had people ask similar questions in the
past, but then more of a «is it easy to do authentication in Varnish»

b) Done carefully, it sounds reasonable enough to have.  Depending on
how much traffic you have, you want to cache and keep as much of this
information in varnish itself so you don't have to open connections and
ask network services for each cache hit.

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