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Wed Jan 27 23:37:47 CET 2010

Hello there,

I've sucessfully created graphics based on varnishstat -1 output using cacti
and snmp and I'd really like to do the same thing using varnishtop to graph
TxStatus responses, but it didn't work as I expected.

$ varnishtop -1 -i TxStatus
 29481.00 TxStatus
  3280.00 TxStatus
  1196.00 TxStatus
   376.00 TxStatus
    23.00 TxStatus
     3.00 TxStatus
     3.00 TxStatus

The numbers do reflect the TxStatus'es that I see in interactive varnishtop,
but when I try to run it with -1, it doesn't show which entry corresponds to
which status. LOL.

So, is this supposed to be like this or should I file a bug for that ?

Also, what do you guys use for performance analysis ?

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