Some web site make Varnish return a blank page

Martin Boer martin.boer at
Thu Jan 28 09:25:33 CET 2010

I'm not a guru so I could really use more information to figure out 
exactly what is happening.

Are you implying that when you have varnish in front of your 2 websites 
it is working correctly when accessing the sites through wget but not 
hen using internet explorer and/or firefox ?
If so, could you paste some varnishlog of

wget -> varnish -> site1
-> site2

firefox -> varnish -> site1
-> site2

explorer -> varnish -> site1
-> site2

and describe for each if it is working or not.


fulan Peng wrote:
> Hi Varnish gurus:
> I am new to varnish. I got Varnish working with default config with
> one web site.
> when I change to another web site, varnish response with a blank page.
> <html> </html>
>  wget can normally fetch the index.html page.
> When I start varnishlog and cat varnish.log file, there are a lot of
> PING and PONG. No clue what is wrong.
> No other error message.
> Please help me out! Thank you!
> Fulan Peng
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