Can Varnish do this?

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Wed Jul 7 00:10:13 CEST 2010

Hi List,

I'm new to Varnish, so please apologize if the question was already asked

I've a homemade web server running on my intranet. It works like this:

1. If an HTTP request arrives without a special header "X-RAWDATA: ...",
this web server forward the request to the live Web, get the response, and
send it back (i.e it plays a role of a basic proxy).
2. Now, if a request contains the special header "X-RAWDATA: ...", then the
web server will search the response in
its internal database (complex computations), and send it back.

Point 2 works very very well. But not point 1 as my web server isn't a true
HTTP proxy.

So, my question is simple:
Could I tell Varnish to inspect the HTTP headers, and decide:

a. If the special header "X-RAWDATA: ..." doesn't exists, let the request go
to the live Web directly.
b. Otherwise, forward the request to my web server.

Hope I'm clear guys.
Thanks in advance.
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