Varnish restarting sporadically... losing entire cache...

Chris Hecker checker at
Wed Jul 7 07:27:19 CEST 2010

> - Is anyone else running varnish on a 32 bit OS? (centos / redhat)

I'm not yet, but I'm about to, and these recent threads have me 
terrified, and wondering whether I should have spent time learning 
squid, even though varnish seems so much better.


Ben Nowacky wrote:
> Okay, so there has to be something I'm doing wrong still.. I know I'm on 
> a 32 bit system (centos), but even lowering threads, ulimit -s to all 
> values between 32 and 1024, and even trying to adjust thread_pool_stack, 
> I can't keep varnish running for more than 10 minutes at a time under load. 
> There /has/ to be something I"m doing wrong. For some reason, even 
> though they are running, i don't have anything in syslogs. 
> Unfortunately, I'm not the linux pro i should be to enable and get a 
> coredump of the daemon running.
> - Is anyone else running varnish on a 32 bit OS? (centos / redhat)
> - Is seg fault  and stop / start every 4-10 minutes normal in this case 
> and should i just deal? 
> - If not, what startup commands are you using to keep things under control? 
> Just doesn't make sense that varnish is /this/ unstable in a 32 bit 
> os... Seems that if it were this bad for everyone, it would be 
> completely unusable on anything BUT 64 bit architecture. 
> (our servers are all remote, or we would have upgraded already. Doing a 
> remote upgrade on live production servers is a bit scary as we're 
> concerned about other libraries not functions with a new kernel, and how 
> much debugging and fixing are we going to have to be doing!).
> Thanks in advance ! 
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