munin plugin varnish_ - feature request: support multiple varnish instances

Harald Friessnegger harald at
Mon Jun 21 10:21:04 CEST 2010

hi Bjørn

thanks for you feedback.

if i uderstand correctly multigraph plugins allow me to draw multiple graphs 
with a single script/symlink in /etc/munin/plugins.

however we've still got a problem with backward compatibility since
users of the varnish_ plugin need to change their symlinks:

from varnish_expunge to

a) varnish_project1_expunge (using the solution proposed initially in this 
thread) or

b) varnish_project1 (after making varnish_ a multigraph plugin)

i agree that changing symlinks "is no big deal" but i'm wondering what 
Kristian Lyngstol - the author of the script - thinks about this change.

  The varnish-tools repository is the canonical upstream for this plugin.
  Please send patches to Kristian Lyngstol <kristian at>
  and/or varnish-misc at for inclusion before adding to
  munin trunk.

regards, harald

Bjørn Ruberg wrote:

> While breaking old links if you're not renaming them manually (which is no
> big deal really), the best way to solve the OP's challenge is rewriting
> the plugin into a multigraph plugin (compatible with Munin from 1.4 and
> above).
> That way the symlinks will only point to the instance (i.e. varnish_ ->
> varnish_project1, varnish_ -> project2 etc), and all aspects will be
> managed internally in the plugin.
> Bjørn

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