Using Varnish to accelerate CouchDB

Karel Minařík karel.minarik at
Sat Nov 6 16:44:40 CET 2010


> So, in order to use ETags, Varnish would have to get the document  
> (or at least it's ETag) from backend on each request.
> ...
> So, you see, in order to use ETags, there has to be direct  
> communication between client and the server. If there is a cache in  
> between, ETags are useless.

thanks, but I don't think this is neccessarily true, if:

* The cache can "accumulate" requests to a certain resource for a  
certain (configurable?) period of time (1 second, 1 minute, ...) and  
ask the backend less often -- accelerating througput.

* The cache can return "possibly stale" content immediately and check  
with the backend afterwards (on the background, when n-th next request  
comes, ...) -- accelerating response time.

I am quite sure there are other ways I am not thinking of. And I think  
these or other strategies are doable with Varnish, that time-based  
acceleration is not the only option. Of course its possible/probable I  
am absolutely mistaken :) That's why I am asking if anyone has any  
reccommendations for accelerating Couch with Varnish.



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