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On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 12:25:34PM -0400, Ruslan Sivak wrote:
> Is there any sort of clustering support in varnish?  The only thing I
> found was, Varnish
> Administration Console (only for customers with service agrement).  Is
> that still true?  Do you need a service agreement to use this?  Also
> it states on another page that this is not production ready yet.

We use CARP on FreeBSD for active/active clustering across 4 nodes. We
use DNS for round-robin load balancing and Carp for keeping the 4
virtual ip's up. The varnish instances don't need to know about each
other or the fact that they're part of a cluster.

About the configuration: on each node we have a script we run manually
to refresh it's configs and restart services.


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