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Its actually not as bad as i thought. I realized i was editing everything
*AFTER* running configure and autogen, which created a LOT of files from
just a few set of templates.  Looks like you only need to touch
src/ and and you are set.  Sorry for the

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> , AD writes:
> >Thanks, should i be touching the one in the root dir or the one in src/,
> or
> >both?   I have had to touch both makefiles to some degree and just
> wondering
> >the best path here.  Also had to do a lot of global replacing on
> >libvmod-example to libvmod-mymod in a bunch of files, not sure if that was
> >the right approach.
> Good questions.  I'm not really our Make/build-wizard, Tollef is much
> better at that stuff, so lets hope he chimes in...
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