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Tue Aug 2 08:54:46 CEST 2011

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| Its actually not as bad as i thought. I realized i was editing
| everything *AFTER* running configure and autogen, which created a LOT
| of files from just a few set of templates.  Looks like you only need
| to touch src/ and and you are set.  Sorry for
| the confusion...

Indeed, you shouldn't really need to edit any of the .in files, nor the
Makefiles themselves.  Just edit, and
src/ as appropriate.

And yes, it's correct that you probably have to rename some of the .c
and .vcc files to more appropriate names for your project.

I guess we might want to add a pointer to some easy auto* documentation
and a quick «how to get started» guide in the libvmod-example readme

Please also ote that it's not required to use libvmod-example as a
basis; you can start from scratch, but we believe it's a useful starting
point, unless you really enjoy hacking on build systems and such. :-)

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