neverending saga of varnish + joomla

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Hey there,


I thought I’d send a note that I have finally gotten Varnish to work with Joomla. I wanted to say thanks to everyone on this list that has helped me throughout the last little while until I finally got it working.


I ended up modifying the joomla code to send an additional HTTP header to identify if the session was logged in or not, as well , I heeded the advice here and stripped all cookies except for the login page, among a few other things.


I detailed my experiences in my blog , if anyone is interested. I tried to be as detailed as possible :





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The problem is varnish is having a very very difficult time knowing when to pipe or pass the traffic to the backend webserver if a logged in session happens. It seems that unless you patch joomla to do its own internal checks and determine if a user is anonymous or not, and send a custom http header that varnish can read, there is no other real way to make varnish work with joomla.

Hi Kevin!


You can accomplish this by writing a Joomla plugin that does these things.

There are example plugins in the Joomla wiki (I'm loitering outside and don't have access right now, sorry!) and I believe there is a simple plugin example provided in the 1.5 distribution.


Essentially think of Joomla plugins as database triggers and stored procedures. When a specific event fires in the execution stack, any plugins for that event are fired as well.


Hope this helps,


-- Mitch

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