Increasing transient memory usage

Bryan Stillwell bstillwell at
Mon Aug 22 04:58:21 CEST 2011

I believe I'm running into the problem mentioned in this bug report:

I've tried the following fix, but it doesn't appear to fix the problem:

The behavior I'm seeing is that once SMA.s0.nbytes hits the number
specified in '-s malloc,?G' the value of SMA.Transient.nbytes starts
going up (it's at zero the whole time before hitting the '-s
malloc,?G' number).

I have two machines I'm testing with that both have 32G of memory
(varnish 3.0.0 on centos 6.0), but for troubleshooting this problem I
set one to use 4G and the other to 8G.  The values after running for
around an hour are:

4G test config:
SMA.s0.nbytes         4294213238          .   Outstanding bytes
SMA.Transient.nbytes  3137682125          .   Outstanding bytes

8G test config:
SMA.s0.nbytes         8589339844          .   Outstanding bytes
SMA.Transient.nbytes  1260306015          .   Outstanding bytes

So the 4G config is using less memory after an hour, but still quite a
bit more than the 20% that is recommended to leave for overhead (plus
it continues to climb).

Is anyone besides the people on that bug seeing this problem?  Are
there any other patches or workarounds?


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