Varnish 2.1.4 issue with ISA proxy

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Wed Feb 9 20:36:25 CET 2011

On 9-2-2011 20:28, linuxsupport wrote:
> Hi,
> I have varnish 2.1.4 running for last 3 months, everything was working
> well, suddenly I got complaints from multiple users that they can not
> open the sites.
> users are using ISA porxy to reach to internet, it seems issue when ISA
> and Varnish both are used, users made some test and reported as below.
> 1. If they do not use ISA proxy sites open perfectly (bypass ISA proxy)
> 2. If they do not use Varnish sites works well (bypass Varnish)
> On firefox half of the page open, and on Chrome it says duplicate
> content-length error.
> I am not sure why this happens when both ISA and Varnish are used.
> Please let me know if anyone else encountered the same issue.

I saw some posts a while back on this list about a bug in varnish that
caused it to send (or pass?) duplicate content-length headers in the
response. For most proxies and/or browsers it's not a problem, but
apparently ISA has a problem with it.

Search on the list, and you will find more details about it.


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