Connections dropped under load

Cosimo Streppone cosimo at
Wed Jan 5 16:30:20 CET 2011

On Wed, 05 Jan 2011 16:20:31 +0100, George Georgovassilis  
<g.georgovassilis at> wrote:

> I'm having trouble with dropped connections under a loadtest.
> The problem: As a measure for response, I am requesting an image from
> the webapp running in Tomcat while the loadtest is underway. However
> that either times out or is delivered after several seconds. Varnishlog
> will often either not show the request (RxURL) at all, or show it
> several seconds after the browser dispatched it.

Hi George,

if you measure the time you mention as "several seconds"
and it's either 3 or 9 seconds, I think what you're seeing
is a client-side TCP retransmit timeout.

I experienced that, both under load testing,
and in real production setups.


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