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>Question about purge/ban: I'm confused about this renaming.

The new 3.x terminology is:

A ban will prevent any objects currently stored, which matches the
condition, from being served ever again.

The test is only made when objects which are hit as result of a
cache lookup, or if the "ban_lurker" can see a way to check
without a request being present.

Bans can test both the URL and HTTP headers, with exact matches or
regular expressions, so you can for instance ban all images with
one command, or ban all content tagged with a special purpose
HTTP header.

A purge removes objects from the storage immediately in response
to a cache lookup.  Therefore the only criteria you can use,
implicitly, is the lookup hash value, normally URL+Host:, but
you can change that in vcl_hash{}.

Usually you would use this in PURGE like processing in vcl_hit{}.

I am pondering ways to make it possible for PUT/POST to invalidate
any cached copies of that object, but this is tricky and someway
down my todo list.

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