Please help testing gzip code in Varnish

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>>Question about purge/ban: I'm confused about this renaming.
> The new 3.x terminology is:
> A ban will prevent any objects currently stored, which matches the
> condition, from being served ever again.
> The test is only made when objects which are hit as result of a
> cache lookup, or if the "ban_lurker" can see a way to check
> without a request being present.
> Bans can test both the URL and HTTP headers, with exact matches or
> regular expressions, so you can for instance ban all images with
> one command, or ban all content tagged with a special purpose
> HTTP header.
> A purge removes objects from the storage immediately in response
> to a cache lookup.  Therefore the only criteria you can use,
> implicitly, is the lookup hash value, normally URL+Host:, but
> you can change that in vcl_hash{}.
> Usually you would use this in PURGE like processing in vcl_hit{}.
> I am pondering ways to make it possible for PUT/POST to invalidate
> any cached copies of that object, but this is tricky and someway
> down my todo list.
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Purging on Headers is a brilliant idea :)
I'm looking forward to test it and to come back to you.


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