a few Varnish intro questions

Per Buer perbu at varnish-software.com
Thu Jan 6 10:01:38 CET 2011


> I have some confusion.
> 1. Looking at: http://www.varnish-cache.org/docs/2.1/tutorial/putting_varnish_on_port_80.html
> So I have to run varnish on 80 and my site on an alternate port (8080 as example)? Or do they both run on port 80?

Yes. Put your web server on port 8080 (or any other port, except 80)
and Varnish on 80. The idea in the docs is that you can test varnish
while running it on a high port and then do a switcharoo.

> 2. Apache listens on my public IP and Varnish should too, correct? or do I use is fine.

> 3. I must make additions to vcl_recv I assume to cache what I want?


> 4. Do I have to make changes to my web pages to add meta-tags to trigger Varnish?

Varnish doesn't care about meta-tags. Varnish only cares about the
http headers. It should be explained decently in the "using varnish"
tutorial. If anything there is unclear, please ask here.
> Best,
> -Jason
> PS - I see 2 addresses for this list: varnish-misc at projects.linpro.no and varnish-misc at varnish-cache.org a ping shows different IP's although I suppose that would not be a definitive answer.

varnish-misc at varnish-cache.org is the right one.We need to remove the
others. Where did you find it?

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