a few Varnish intro questions

Jason S-M slackmoehrle.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 15:16:05 CET 2011

Hi Per,

Thanks for your reply.

>> 2. Apache listens on my public IP and Varnish should too, correct? or do I use
> is fine.

I am still a little confused about the setup in that what is the "call chain"?
a user hits my website normally by URL, www.6colors.net, varnish intercepts as it listens on port 80, does its magic and passes to port 8080 where apache will take it from there?  

1. Apache listens on my public address on port 80.

To implement Varnish:
1. Change Varnish to Port 80 and listen on my public IP? 
so: varnishd -f /etc/varnish/default.vcl -s malloc,1G -T

2. change apache to 8080, but keep it listening on my public IP of So essentially someone could hit the site, bypassing varnish at: www.6colors.net:8080 in a browser. But I don't need to change apache from listening on my .27 public ip to

I think that I am having trouble visualizing!

>> 3. I must make additions to vcl_recv I assume to cache what I want?
> Yes,

Got it, I will review this in detail and continue reading the documents.

>> PS - I see 2 addresses for this list: varnish-misc at projects.linpro.no and varnish-misc at varnish-cache.org a ping shows different IP's although I suppose that would not be a definitive answer.
> varnish-misc at varnish-cache.org is the right one.We need to remove the
> others. Where did you find it?

I noticed that some of the messages I was getting did not hit my rule in my e-mail client to put in a specified folder. When I looked at the e-mails they were being sent to varnish-misc at projects.linpro.no. messages from yesterday (1/5) with subject 'Re: Connections dropped under load ' triggered it. Probably long existing users and the old address forwards or still works..

Thank you for your help thus far.


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