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Didn't know about Planet Varnish, but I too, blog about varnish:



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We've been using Varnish pretty successfully in our app for a few
months, and we recently added monitoring via Munin.  The Varnish plugin
for Munin has gotten pretty decent; until we set up Munin, we hadn't
realized that the Varnish plugin is one of the default plugins for Munin
now.  We wrote up a guide here:


We blog about Varnish here: .  Please add to Planet






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	Hi Stewart,
	On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 1:36 PM, Stewart Robinson
<stewsnooze at> wrote:
	> Hi,
	> We need to get Planet Varnish having more content flowing
through it.
	> Please add my varnish specific RSS feed to it. I guess if
other people
	> are writing Varnish posts they should ask here to be added to
	> Varnish. ?I'm a member of Drupal Planet and it really has
great stuff
	> on it that keeps the main Drupal site full of fresh links and
	> experiences that will help as we grow.
	> My Varnish RSS URL is t
	> I only have one article at the moment but it is a start.
	It is added and should be visible within a few minutes.
	Per Buer,?Varnish Software
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	Varnish makes websites fly!
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