Connections dropped under load

Caunter, Stefan scaunter at
Mon Jan 10 19:50:39 CET 2011

Yes, and I also don't understand why there is no discussion of threads
here. If we can see

varnishadm -T 6082 thread_pools
varnishadm -T 6082 thread_pool_min
varnishadm -T 6082 thread_pool_max
varnishadm -T 6082 thread_pool_add_delay

it would be helpful. 

The only time I've seen varnish drop connections is when it cannot
create threads quickly enough, or has insufficient resources to do so.

Stefan Caunter 
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On Wed, Jan 05, 2011 at 04:20:31PM +0100, George Georgovassilis wrote:
> I'm having trouble with dropped connections under a loadtest.

We need:

varnishstat -1

Any further discussion without varnishstat -1 output is wild guesswork

- Kristian

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