Connections dropped under load

George Georgovassilis g.georgovassilis at
Mon Jan 10 22:38:01 CET 2011

Hello Cosimo,

I'd like to understand better how these values, such as thread pools, 
session pools and linger are connected. As I wrote earlier, since in my 
test everything is answered from the varnish cache I'd expect threads to 
not play any role.

On 10.01.2011 22:01, Cosimo Streppone wrote:
> In data 10 gennaio 2011 alle ore 21:53:58, George Georgovassilis 
> <g.georgovassilis at> ha scritto:
>> Hello Stefan,
>> For every of the commands you quoted I'm getting an
>> connect(): Invalid argument
>> Connection failed
>> Why are threads relevant? As I wrote earlier, everything is answered 
>> from within the varnish cache - I thought the entire epolling parade 
>> was about avoiding caches.
>> I published the threadsettings earlier in this discussion.
> Even more specifically, you could check your
> threads limited, overflowed requests and dropped requests counters
> in varnishstat.
> If under test load you see them increase steadily,
> that means you probably have too low "thread settings".

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