Robert Shilston rtshilston at
Tue Jan 11 16:14:27 CET 2011

> 1. We want to have an SSL communication for the front-end and back-end!?!?
What is the benefit in having SSL between Varnish and back-end?  I'd assume that the entire environment is under your control, so there's no security improvement for this.  To have SSL on the front-end, we use nginx in front of Varnish.

> 2.Is it possible to disable back-end servers for maintenance without touching the config?
We just stop the back-ends.  We don't make any config changes.

> 3.Is it possible to create statics to get a graph to see its load factor?
Yes.  We graph Varnish with Zabbix, and other people use other monitoring tools.
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