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ken at ken at
Thu Jul 21 22:27:07 CEST 2011

Hey All,

I'm working on getting Varnish working with Apache 2.2.3 and PHP 5.3.
I run multiple sites based off of Invision Power Board (eg: IP.Board),  
and they are configured in Apache as Name Virtual Hosts, and are all  
on the same IP Address.

I've gotten Varnish to show the appropriate sites when visiting them,  
but keep coming across some issues.

One of those such issues, is that it seems that when Varnish is  
enabled and I visit a page that is PHP based, but the PHP code starts  
with <? instead of <?php, that code is not parsed, and is instead  
displayed on the browser.

Another issue I'm having happens with javascript.  We have a specific  
Java Script based Ad that's displayed using Google Ad Manager.  The  
javascript file is hosted on our site, and called using Google Ad  
Manager code.  It seems that when varnish is enabled, that the  
JavaScript code is being displayed rather than parsed as Java Script.

I'm hoping someone will be able to assist me with this.

Thanks so much,

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