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Paul A. Procacci pprocacci at
Thu Jul 21 23:46:19 CEST 2011

> One of those such issues, is that it seems that when Varnish is
> enabled and I visit a page that is PHP based, but the PHP code starts
> with <? instead of <?php, that code is not parsed, and is instead
> displayed on the browser.

To me this sounds like your varnish isn't actually configured properly.  Your web server is `in charge` of sending objects to varnish.
If your php is configured to parse '<?' in files ending in '.php', then it'll do just that.  Varnish doesn't mangle any header that would
prevent your webserver from doing so.  Are you sure you are using the proper ip?  Often I see times where people use as their backend,
when in fact apache isn't configured to serve php pages on  This is just a brief example.

> Another issue I'm having happens with javascript.  We have a specific
> Java Script based Ad that's displayed using Google Ad Manager.  The
> javascript file is hosted on our site, and called using Google Ad
> Manager code.  It seems that when varnish is enabled, that the
> JavaScript code is being displayed rather than parsed as Java Script.

This sounds much like the php problem/example.  If your pages are being returned from the web server as plain text, then this would be a symptom.

My suggestion is to double check your varnish config and make sure it points to a valid virtualhost.  Double check your apache config to ensure you
have a virtualhost listening on the ip address you told varnish to get its data.

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