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Andrzej Godziuk andrzej at
Fri Jul 22 14:05:41 CEST 2011

On Thursday, July 21, 2011 11:46:19 PM Paul A. Procacci wrote:
> > One of those such issues, is that it seems that when Varnish is
> > enabled and I visit a page that is PHP based, but the PHP code starts
> > with <? instead of <?php, that code is not parsed, and is instead
> > displayed on the browser.
> This sounds much like the php problem/example.  If your pages are being
> returned from the web server as plain text, then this would be a symptom.
> My suggestion is to double check your varnish config and make sure it
> points to a valid virtualhost.  Double check your apache config to ensure
> you have a virtualhost listening on the ip address you told varnish to get
> its data.

That's exactly what it sounds like.

One more thing to check: maybe your Varnish has cached the unparsed response 
because Apache has been misconfigured for some time, and now it's still in the 
cache because of long TTL? Try cleaning your cache and like Paul mentioned, 
look into Apache configuration rather than Varnish.

Andrzej Godziuk

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