time out on big object ??

Patrick CAO HUU THIEN patrick.cao_huu_thien at upmc.fr
Tue Jun 7 15:01:14 CEST 2011

Geoff Simmons a dit le 06/01/2011 02:11 PM:

>> Um, I don't follow. You **do** want Varnish to cache the file? If so, then> you don't want to return pass on the URL. In that case, you need a> larger value for send_timeout (assuming my guess is right that> send_timeout aborted your connection).

Damned. No. I don't want to cache big objects.
sorry for my bad english ... :(

> > There's always a send_timeout, 10 minutes by default, but you can> increase it. If you have return(pass) on the URL, then the timeout won't> interfere with the transmission, but then Varnish won't be caching the> object.

Are you sure about the disconnection between the pass action and the
send_timeout parameter ?

Ok, I understand the time-out of 10min.
But with the return(pass) I've just added, varnish continue to make
a time-out after 10min.

So I have to put the send_timeout option to a higher value even if I
make a return(pass). 1200s may not be enough because personal or
foreign connection may be slower then the one I test at home. I put
6000s to be large :)

thanks for your help Goeff

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