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Thu Jun 9 08:32:27 CEST 2011

]] Kacper Wysocki 


| I'm playing with V3.. wondering if there are debs available..

Yes, they're linked to from the normal download pages on

| Too bad it breaks nearly all nontrivial VCL scripts out there..
| "+" for strings, and

Yes, people were continually confused about how to concatenate strings
so we changed it.

| return (restart); # used to be just restart;

This was changed in 2.1 which supports both syntaxes.

| and
|  std.log("foo"); # used to be just log

Yes, there was no reason for it to stay in the main namespace.

|  import std;    # only allowed once in entire program.. or is it?
| sometimes, you need to import again..

Why would you need to reimport?

| these changes taken together make it very difficult (read: not doable)
| to write portable vcl..
| even in the name of language normalization that is painful.
| I understand the parser is now much easier to handle, so perchance it
| is time now to apply a little syntactic sugar to the mix?

We're not going to make any significant changes to the VCL compiler less
than a week before release.

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