Lars Jørgensen lajo at
Wed Jun 29 12:50:05 CEST 2011

> What was known as purges in Varnish 2.x is known as bans in 3.0, so a
> bit of confusion...

> Use 'ban.list' on varnishadm and it should list any bans. You can also
> change the ban_lurker_sleep param to a higher value, though it shouldn't
> be a real problem.

I actually had three bans. And now I'm really confused: I needed to purge a few pages from the cache, so I did

ban.url /da/index.html

and a couple other in varnishadm. I thought this would purge the url from the cache. It did, but why do they appear when I issue a ban.list? I thought it was a one-time purge command, not a list that will forever ban those urls from entering the cache. How do I purge a url once from the cache using varnishadm?

I've restarted varnish to remove the bans (is there any other way?). I'll check whether the lurker starts ... lurking? again


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