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Thu Jun 30 09:33:18 CEST 2011

I do this on my two main sites and it works great.  I am definitely on a 
budget, so I'd agree with that part!  Varnish allows me to take a crappy 
cheap dedicated machine (P4 2.8ghz, 1gb ram) and get reddited without a 
problem.  I run it in front of a MediaWiki and a Wordpress site, and it 
takes both of them from ~15 reqs/sec to > 300 rps, with the former being 
100% cpu maxed, and the latter being about 10% cpu usage.  It'll max out 
the 100mbps link without breaking a sweat.

I don't even bother with all of the wordpress and mediawiki caching 
stuff that everybody talks about all the time (I still use APC for 
various other reasons, though, and I use W3TC for managing AWS CF, but I 
have all its local caching features turned off), because I just solve 
all that with varnish, way better than the plugins possibly can.

Note:  I did some load tests and it turns out apache httpd isn't as slow 
as most articles on the internet claim (it'll do 300 rps on a simple php 
file as well, and it was basically identical to nginx+php-fpm on this 
hardware), it's just that wordpress is a giant pig.

Anyway, it works great for small sites.

I wonder how large a site you could serve on one of the AWS EC2 micro 
instances (which are in the free tier) with varnish, actually.  They 
suck for httpd because if the CPU spikes too high AWS will throttle you 
to nothing, but varnish could conceivably fix that problem.  Oh well, 
not enough time to experiment with this.


On 2011/06/29 18:15, Paul A. Procacci wrote:
> Yes we do that for various clients of ours.  The ones with a budget mainly.  I see no downside to it personally.  I think the recomendation to _NOT_ do that would depend on traffic patterns.
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 07:49:34PM -0500, Jonathan Hursey wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>>      Anyone running a varnish server on the same server they host the backend
>> content? Is this not recommended?
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