backend question

Matthew Wilkes matthew at
Thu Jun 30 10:28:29 CEST 2011

On 2011-06-30, at 0833, Chris Hecker wrote:

> I wonder how large a site you could serve on one of the AWS EC2 micro instances (which are in the free tier) with varnish, actually.  They suck for httpd because if the CPU spikes too high AWS will throttle you to nothing, but varnish could conceivably fix that problem.  Oh well, not enough time to experiment with this.

I don't know about one, but on 6 I've served when it was getting > 100 rps. About 1/5 of requests caused some sort of cache perge and many were esi;

We moved between 1 and 8 as the traffic spiked, currently at one instance with cold caches (Varnish, database and HD) as it's not in use even as an archive anymore.


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