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avid Helkowski writes:

>>Please refrain from continuing to message the list on this topic.

>I prefer the archives show the full exchange, should any of your
>future potential employers google your name.

Once again; this is pretty rude. My point is not to waste people's energy reading
this, not to attempt to hide anything. At a previous point in my past; I had my
entire diary posted on the internet; over 1 million words. You won't find that I
am the sort of person's who attempt to hide anything.

>If you do not like that, then you should think carefully about
>what you post in public.

I agree with that, but I think that you are responsible for how you treat or
abuse others in public. If you are in a position of authority and knowledge you
should treat those beneath you well; not mock them.

>>My only response to this latest attack is that Varnish is open
>>source software. I can and will publish a how-to on using hashing
>>in the manner that I have described. There is nothing that you can
>>do to stop it, and I am sure people will take advantage of it.

Have fun :-)

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