Lots of configs

David Helkowski dhelkowski at sbgnet.com
Wed Mar 9 01:51:01 CET 2011

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On 03/09/2011 12:09 AM, David Helkowski wrote:
>> Please refrain from continuing to message the list on this topic.
>> I will not do so either, provided you stop sending things like <snip>

>Are you proposing some kind of 'hushing' algorithm?

I posted this request at the suggestion of a 3rd party; because I did
not wish to waste people's time. Seeing as PHK is essentially the authority
and controller of the list; I am going to continue responding as appropriate
unless I am directed not to by PHK.

>> 'David is wrong, and his ideas should never be considered' to the list.
>> It is entirely childish, and I am sure people are sick of seeing this
>> sort of garbage in the list.
>> My only response to this latest attack is that Varnish is open
>> source software. I can and will publish a how-to on using hashing
>> in the manner that I have described. There is nothing that you can
>> do to stop it, and I am sure people will take advantage of it.

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