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As the OP, i would like to get the discussion on this thread back to
something useful.  That being said...

Assuming there was an O(1) (or some ideal)  mechanism to lookup req.host and
map it to a custom function, i notice that i get the error "Unused function
custom_host" if there is not an explicit call in the VCL.  Aside from having
a dummy subroutine that listed all the "calls", is there a cleaner way to
deal with this?

I am also going to take a stab at making this a module, i already did this
with an md5 function so I think that will solve the "pre-loading" problem.


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> >Are you proposing some kind of 'hushing' algorithm?
> I posted this request at the suggestion of a 3rd party; because I did
> not wish to waste people's time. Seeing as PHK is essentially the authority
> and controller of the list; I am going to continue responding as
> appropriate
> unless I am directed not to by PHK.
> >> 'David is wrong, and his ideas should never be considered' to the list.
> >> It is entirely childish, and I am sure people are sick of seeing this
> >> sort of garbage in the list.
> >>
> >> My only response to this latest attack is that Varnish is open
> >> source software. I can and will publish a how-to on using hashing
> >> in the manner that I have described. There is nothing that you can
> >> do to stop it, and I am sure people will take advantage of it.
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