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>As the OP, i would like to get the discussion on this thread back to
>something useful.  That being said...

Arthur and I brainstormed this issue on our way to cake after VUG3
and a couple of ideas came up which may be worth looking at.

At the top-heavy end, is having VCL files tell which domains they
apply to, possibly something like:

	domains {
		! "notthisone.example.com";

There are a large number of "what happens if I then do..." questions
that needs answered sensibly to make that work, but I think it is
doable and worthwhile.

The next one we talked about is letting backend declarations declare
which domains they apply to, pretty much same syntax as above, now just
inside a backend.

This would modify the current default backend selection and nothing more.
There needs to be some kind of "matched no backend" handling.

And finally, since most users with massive domains will need or want
to reload VCL for trivial addition/removals of domains, somebody[TM]
should probably write a VMOD which looks a domain up in a suitable
database file (db/dbm/whatever)

There are many ways we can mould and modify these ideas, and I invite
you to hash out which way you would prefer it work...

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