Allan Wind allan_wind at
Thu Mar 10 16:29:18 CET 2011

Is the current thinking still that SSL support will not be 
integrated into varnish?  I found the post in the archives from 
last year that speaks of nginx as front-end.  Has anyone looked 
into the other stunnel or pound and could share their experience?  
I cannot tell from their web site if haproxy added SSL support 

Here is what the pound web site[1] says about stunnel:

stunnel: probably comes closest to my understanding of software 
design (does one job only and does it very well). However, it 
lacks the load balancing and HTTP filtering features that I 
considered necessary. Using stunnel in front of Pound (for HTTPS) 
would have made sense, except that integrating HTTPS into Pound  
proved to be so simple that it was not worth the trouble.


Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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