varnish incorrect back-end selection problem

Guy Brodie guyb at
Thu Nov 10 23:23:51 CET 2011

Aha... thats it!  - Thankyou Andreas!

Yes we have some pipe employed as work arounds for issues with range requests, If-Modified-Since / e-tags, and some large download/streaming requests.

I put the suggested change in, and it has worked for the back-end selection problem just fine.  I'm off to regression test the other reasons we had the pipe command in there, although it looks like a pretty straight-forward fix.

Thanks again,


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On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 09:35:05PM +0000, Guy Brodie wrote:
> * http tcp session re-use - the browser is re-using a single TCP session when
> this happens,  but I thought varnish inspects every request regardless - i.e.
> it doesn't blindly pass an existing TCP session from the browser through to
> the backend server it had previously selected…

This can happen if you pipe.


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