non-sudo access to varnishlog

Hauke Lampe lampe at
Thu Nov 17 23:47:59 CET 2011

Hi Jeff.

On 17.11.2011 22:10, Stroomer, Jeff wrote:

> On the live site, I don't have sudo rights, but nevertheless I need to
be able to log in and debug problems.  Unfortunately, when I try to run
varnishlog without sudo I run into the following:
> jstroomer at duckman ~
> $ varnishlog
> Cannot open /var/lib/varnish/duckman/_.vsm: Permission denied

I'd try to convince the admin to give you sudo rights to run varnishlog
as the varnishlog user or group.

If you can't use sudo, however, ask the server admin to add your user to
the varnishlog group and set the varnish directories permissions so that
the group can access them:

dr-xr-x--- 2 varnish varnishlog  /var/lib/varnish
dr-xr-x--- 2 varnish varnishlog  /var/lib/varnish/$yourhost

("r" isn't actually necessary, but it probably helps debugging problems
if you can list the directory contents, too)

packbart at alberich:~$ id
uid=1000(packbart) gid=[...] 113(varnishlog)
packbart at alberich:~$ varnishlog
    0 CLI          - Rd ping
    0 CLI          - Wr 200 19 PONG 1321569446 1.0


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