Cannot Start Varnish with Multiple Backends

Hugo Cisneiros (Eitch) hugo.cisneiros at
Wed Nov 23 20:20:16 CET 2011

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Mark Gavin <mark at> wrote:
> I am having so many problems getting started with Varnish to complete my
> two-part project. Part one is to configure Varnish as a load balancer, part
> two is to setup caching, but this mail is for part one only (getting Varnish
> running as a load balancer). Here is what I have

> I then executed the following commands
> pkill varnish
> varnishd -f /etc/varnish/forum.vcl -s malloc,10G -a
> service varnish start

I don't know if this is it, but if you execute varnishd before service
varnish start, the service start will fail as varnishd is already
binded to ip/port and is already running.

The proper way on RHEL/CentOS is to edit /etc/sysconfig/varnish for
daemon options, and use service varnish start *only*.

On Debian/Ubuntu, it's /etc/default/varnish.

I don't see any errors on your VCL, and if you have any errors, it'll
show if you execute varnishd manually (instead of using service).

Hope it helps.


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