varnishncsa crashing constantly

Daniel Carrillo daniel.carrillo at
Tue Oct 4 12:49:43 CEST 2011

2011/10/4 Lars Jørgensen <ljorg6 at>:
> On 03-10-2011 15:13, Daniel Carrillo wrote:
>> Hi, varnishncsa in 3.0.1 is still buggy, several bugs were fixed in
>> trunk.
> So I downloaded trunk and compiled it. Then I copied varnishncsa to
> /usr/local/bin, but running it says that it is version 3.0.1. Running it
> from the place it was compiled make it say that it is the trunk version.
> I guess some libraries need to be replaced, too. But I don't want to
> interfere too much with a varnish installation that works fine except for
> varnishncsa.
> Is there an easy way to test the trunk version of varnishncsa?

In your test environment, If you have compiled it, do an install instead copy.

My recomendation, if you are using some kind of packaging, patch the
src.rpm. deb o whatever and install it in your test environment, do
your tests and copy varnishncsa to production, of course the two
environments must be identical.

If you aren't sure, wait for 3.0.2 :)

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