Sporadic 503 errors with 3.0.2

Hettwer, Marian mhettwer at team.mobile.de
Fri Oct 28 12:16:39 CEST 2011

On 28.10.11 08:41, "Tollef Fog Heen" <tfheen at varnish-software.com> wrote:

>]] Bryan Stillwell
>| It looks like backend_fail numbers line up with what I'm seeing.  Any
>| suggestions on figuring out what is failing?
>My first guess would be you hitting connect_timeout, try increasing that
>and see if the rate changes?

Also check between_bytes_timeout. In 2.1.5 it defaults to 60 seconds. It
wasn't enough for some requests on my platforms.
One might think that 60 seconds in between bytes is bad enough for a web
application, right? ;)
No worries, those requests where made by machines, not humans...

Anyway, as Tollef also suggested, check your timeout settings on both ends
(varnish and backend).


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