delete hitpass objects

Tobias Hensel hensel.tobias at
Mon Sep 5 16:12:03 CEST 2011


I use varnish 2.1.5 in front of a java based webapp served by jboss.
The webapp is a bit... special...

I browse the following url the first time via webbapp.local/a
I get a 302 to webapp.local?site=a
I browse the url webbapp.local/a a second time.
Now I do not get a redirect but the content I expect is show directly
under the url webbapp.local/a

I want to use this webapp behind varnish.
When I first browse to varnish.local/a varnish generates a hitpass
object for this url
When I browse the url the second time varnish uses the hitpass object
for not storing the site in the cache (I guess it works that way).

Is it possible, that varnish does not cache the site when the response
is a 302 and does not creates a hitpass object but caches the site
when the response is a normal 200?



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