Varnish shows 503 meanwhile Apache returns CSV correctly

Hettwer, Marian mhettwer at
Mon Sep 5 18:01:49 CEST 2011

Hi There,

On 05.09.11 15:55, "Rubén Ortiz" <ruben.ortiz at> wrote:

>Hello Lars
>yes, I have tried it but different way. I stopped Varnish service and
>then I started Apache to listen in 80. And yes, I was able then to
>download CSV file. So Apache/PHP is working fine, it returns csv file.
>And don't know why Varnish returns a Guru Meditation.

How long does the generation of this CSV file takes on the backend?
IIRC varnish has a default first_byte_timeout of 60 seconds.
If your backend takes longer than 60 seconds to start sending data,
varnish will have closed the connection and your client will geht a 503.


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