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Ah i see. So basically if we have an expensive operation, like a DB call (as
an example), we would have to re-do it every time we use the Vmod function
inside the VCL.  The issue i am having is i have a vmod, where i would like
to return a complex struct but i cant seem to be able to do that due to
limitations on the return types.  So i was planning on writing accessor
methods (one for each element of the struct) but for each accessor, i would
need to re-query the database to get the value which was trying to avoid.


typedef struct  _mydata {
 int val1;
 int val2;
} mydata ;

 i would love to return mydata from the vmod, but instead i need to write
vmod_get_int1, vmod_get_int2 to get at these.  The issue is to populate this
struct is "expensive".  Is there a better way around this issue ?


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> , AD writes:
> > I am trying to use the PRIV_CALL capability of the vmods in order to
> cache
> >an expensive operation used later in the vcl itself.
> That is not how it works.
> PRIV_CALL is for caching things for the next time this call is executed.
> The canonical example is a caching a compiled regexp.
> What you need is a "PRIV_SESS" or "PRIV_REQ" variable, and I'm beating
> my head against the wall trying to find the best way to implement
> that as we're speaking...
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