varnish stops and rejects requests

Tobias Eichelbrönner tobias.eichelbroenner at
Fri Aug 10 15:09:08 CEST 2012


we are using varnish to redirect incoming requests to different sites.
We wrote a c-library that connects an embedded sqlite-databese to chose
the targets for redirection.

The problem is, that after a while, there may be some 100000 requests
served correctly, varnish stops working:
- clients receive an rejected-massage
- varnishlog only show ping-pong massages
- syslog shows no entry related to varnish at all
- the varnish process is still running
- the port (80) is still bond to the varnish process
- there is lots of free memory

does anyone know a possibility to debug what is happening with varnish
that causes the crash?
As there are no logfile entries i have no idea how to get any usefull

Thanks in advance.


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