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> Hallo,
> we are using varnish to redirect incoming requests to different sites.
> We wrote a c-library that connects an embedded sqlite-databese to chose
> the targets for redirection.
> The problem is, that after a while, there may be some 100000 requests
> served correctly, varnish stops working:

Without source it would be hard to understand why (hey! the world need an
sqlite vmod, people might even fix your problem for free! :), but my
initial guess would be that you somehow manage to get Varnish to leak
sessions. Look at varnishstat while you are testing and you should spot it.
The default is a limit of a 100.000 sessions so that is what I'm basing my
guess on.

Of course you can then send a SIGSEGV to it and load the dump into gbd.

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