Varnish reload -- stop using existing config

david raistrick drais at
Tue Aug 28 19:18:54 CEST 2012

On Tue, 28 Aug 2012, Crowder, Travis wrote:

> I saw the following message in the mail archives, but I did not see a
> response.
> Is there a way to force clients to use a new config after a reload?

(based on 2.1, no experience with 3.x)

There was no reload function in the rhel init.d script, so we built one in 
as a guide

Something this doesn't mention is that you'll want to do a vcl.discard 

don't forget about the "boot" config as well - vcl.list to get a list of 
the configs in place.

It was mentioned at the time that you may want a short sleep before the 
discard due to some bugs that may have already been fixed....

anyway - I'd try that. ;)

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