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Tim Glabisch tim at
Mon Dec 17 22:10:39 CET 2012



i try to set the connection setting (having some trouble with cutted content
using iis) to disable keep-alive.

my main Problem is that varnish doesnt allow me to overwrite the Connection


set req.http.Connection = "foo"; // nothing changed

set req.http.Connection2 = "foo"; // works great


everytime i try to set the req.http.Connection, varnish (3.0.0 / 3.0.4)
just ignores it.



sub vcl_recv {


                set = "";

                set req.http.Connection = "foo";

                set req.http.Connection2 = "foo";




using wireshark i realized that the first set is ignored. i have the same
issue with accept-Encoding.


hope you can hep me :)

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