High SMA.s0.c_fail in varnishstat

Hugo Cisneiros (Eitch) hugo.cisneiros at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 17:20:58 CET 2012


Looking at my statistics, I saw something running varnishstat -1:

SMA.s0.c_req             4400778        73.80 Allocator requests
SMA.s0.c_fail       136937945724   2296268.06 Allocator failures
SMA.s0.c_bytes       85269901510   1429863.36 Bytes allocated
SMA.s0.c_freed       79902088046   1339852.24 Bytes freed
SMA.s0.g_alloc            504320          .   Allocations outstanding
SMA.s0.g_bytes        5367813464          .   Bytes outstanding
SMA.s0.g_space            895656          .   Bytes available

I'm not getting any errors and varnish is working just fine, but the
'SMA.s0.c_fail' number is too high. I couldn't find anything detailed
about this statistic, but my intuition says that the best thing is to
get a zero on this :)

Anyone have some details on this item? What does it mean and what can
I do to not get the failures? Transient storage is fine, with 0 fails.

Relevant command-line options:

-h classic,500009
-s malloc,5G
-p thread_pools=3
-p thread_pool_min=128
-p thread_pool_max=3840
-p lru_interval=60
-p sess_workspace=524288
-p shm_workspace=262144


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