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We lost a server yesterday. Our Dell R610 threw a E1422 CPU1 MACHINE CHK
which means that is some sort of dead. I can't remember if it was because I
was ~broke or by mistake, but the server didn't have 24/7 hardware support
(Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Arrrrrgh!). We decided to move the disks to a
server we were allowed to borrow from Redpill Linpro (Thanks!). That sort
of worked, except the raid controller wrote weird crap over the md
superblocks and we lost the content.

So we restored from backup. Tollef is the hero of the day and has gotten
the basics up and running. The timing here is a bit awkward as Tollef will
be leaving for Asia in couple of hours.  Anyway, if anybody sees something
that looks broken and unless it requires rocket science I'll see if I can
fix it. Send me an email, please.

Thanks for the patience. At some point in the not to distant future we're
planning on having a somewhat more robust setup. Personally I have some
experience with DRBD  and together with manual fail-over it was rather
robust. I have no idea if that is still the smart way to do stuff. If you
have opinions feel free to send them to me directly (the topic is a bit off
topic on this list). Oh, and if you're still reading this and live in Oslo
- we're looking for Unix hackers to hire.

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