What errors does "varnishlog -i Error" actually log?

Yavor Atanasov yavor.k.atanasov at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 11:59:34 CET 2012

Gey guys,

I have a couple of questions regarding varnishlog tags. We would like use
varnishlog to record only certain logs from varnish, mostly errors.

My first question is - what types of errors does actually " varnishlog -i
Error " display? I am asking because I can't seem to be able to trigger one
that would be recorded with this tag. The vcl_error subroutine doesn't seem
to fall into that category, and also running out of session workspace
doesn't either. What errors does this tag actually log?

My other question is regarding the HttpError tag - " varnishlog -i
HttpError ". That is documented as an available tag in the man pages for
varnishlog, but when I try to run varnishlog with that option it says this
tag does not exist:

Could not match "HttpError" to any tag
usage: varnishlog [-bCcd] [-i tag] [-I regexp] [-k keep] [-r file] [-s
skip] [-X regexp] [-x tag] [-aDoV] [-n varnish_name] [-P file] [-w file]

Any thoughts very welcome. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

*Yavor Atanasov*
MSc Digital Media,
BA Busines Administration,
Computer Science
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